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Bismill-ahir rahma-nir rahiem.

Assalamu alikum,

My website is developed for social work. It is fully developed and equipped with articles like (i) Some jobsite address, (ii) Some islamic messages, (iii) Daily medicine, (iv) Tips for marketing, (v) Tips for facing an interview & video learning CD’s address, (vi) Some office relaxation techniques, (vii) News paper web links, (viii) Tips to concentrate toward study, (ix) Tips to be happy, (x) Tips for weight loss and (xi) Yoga at the end, if you have problem to find this website you can search it using google in the name of mizanuli, if you have problem on reading this website then copy it and paste it in Ms word and enlarge it, if you get something good from my website just pray for me. I want to be always with you through my website in your sorrow and happiness, whenever you don’t find out any way visit my website, I hope In Shaa Allah Allah will find a way out for you. I shall pray and hope that I can deliver something good to you In Shaa Allah through my website, I expect that if you get something good from this website then you will share it with your friends and family members. Please give my website address to all you know if you get something good from it. I shall always be thankful to you for visiting my website and sharing it with others. Thank you.

Actually the real truth is that Al-quran is the solution for humanity. Reading Al-quran regularly with meaning help to improve eyesight, brain and knowledge.

Debating with Dr.Jakir nayak a christian converted to islam see the link:

Beautiful Recitation of Al-Quran by Mishary Rashid Alafsy:


Shahi Al Bukhari:

Shahi Muslim:

Some miracles which proves that Islam is the truth:

I hope Allah didn't give mohor on your heart then you won’t try to understand any proof of Allah I am giving. There are lot of proof that proves Allah’s existence. Let's start from your hand observe you right hand from back side from right side small finger to left side thumb finger which makes the similar word Allah in arabic with out zobor, pesh and tashdied which are essential for pronunciation the word Allah perfectly. I hope you heard about Feraun body, which will never be destroyed according to Al-quran, if you want you can find this proof and see by your own eyes it is kept in Egypt Mishore without any medicine. Scientist are now doing experiment on Al-quran and they found that things which they are discovering now or few years before by using latest technology was written in Al-quran by Allah and kept in Laohay mahfuz and delivered through Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi  wa sallam 1400 years before. It is found by scientist that all most all the words of Al-quran have 100 % proof except things which will happen in future and things which are unknown to them like zannath, zahannam, far places in the space which they can’t see or visit, they visited different place which was completely destroyed by Allah and got proof that it is as like Al-quran. Good example is Luth alihay wa sallam tribe, they disbelieved Allah and practice very bad sin and they where fully destroyed by Allah, if you visit that place you will also understand the truth In Shaa Allah if you have scientific knowledge, you can get the details of that incidence and place from Al-quran. Lot of miracle of Allah is in Macca like zamzam water the most purest water in the world proven by science is coming out non stop and never finishes, Ababil bird is always moving around Kaba guarding it, some of the pigeons are seating in the Haram mosque with out spoiling it which is not there habit. Try to find out the truth by yourself before death I believe that In Shaa Allah you will find it out see around you why everything is so perfect it can’t run by itself. Lets think about the Big bang theory all the scientist have seen and admitted that Allah is there because when a blast happen things get destroyed colliding each other, how the things got on perfect places and forming everything perfect there is someone who is controlling it. You heard about Nil Amstrong I hope you heard, he went to the moon and saw that moon is divided according to Al-quran by Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam finger by the wish of Allah and he became muslim. There are lot of example I can’t finish if I start from ant or any small things to very big or giant things everything are created and controlled by Allah, Allah is the greatest and most merciful. Allah is always busy with something, Allah did so much for us and also doing for us I think Allah deserve minimum five time prayers from us. Like we need oxygen, food, sleep for our existence then we should also take prayer and say thanks to Allah for providing us so many things.

Try to find out the light of iman with in you, you are really special you just have to remove your bad thoughts and do good amals for Allah.

The good amals I have given below in some islamic messages topic are very special. You can reach to the higher level of iman by practicing those good amals, I hope In Shaa Allah you will achieve higher level of iman and understand Allah clearly, the code of iman towards Allah is build in within you but because of bad amals you can’t realize. You are really special you just have to remove your bad thoughts of ignoring good amals towards islam and just go for good amals, try to ask yourself why I am feeling problem on taking salath or good amals when I don’t have problem on watching Tv or doing any other work, what is acting in me which is attracting me toward negative or bad things, why I am distracted from islam then you will understand the existence of Saitan and try to fight with it and come near to Allah, the feeling of coming near to Allah is really different you will find the peace with in you and you don’t need anything else in this world, you won’t fear death, this world will seems to you fake. We all have code build inside us try to find out those code, you will get all the answer you need. We are human being we do mistakes but if you have good intention Allah will guide you towards right path which goes towards heaven or zannath, if you have bad intention then you will be guided towards wrong path which goes towards hell or zahannam. Try to practice how much good amal you can do. I hope you will find out the true path. If you try to understand the truth then you will find out Allah without any logic but if you don’t want to then if you see Allah with your own eyes you won’t believe, it will seem to you magic. Remember Allah is giving you exam in this world if you go towards good then you will have good friend and good wife or husband but if you go towards bad then you will start having bad friends and bad wife or husband. Allah is not destroying bad peoples because Allah promised to Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam that Allah will not destroy his ummath fully. Allah is giving them chance to enjoy in this world after death they will be send to hell fire which is really impossible to bear by anyone. I pray to Allah that In Shaa Allah all ummath of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam get the safayath of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
(ii) Some islamic messages:
Dear brother or sister I am really sorry from my heart if you have any inconvenience in pronunciation of the ayath’s and surah’s I have given below. If you want you can read them from Al-quran, Shahi hadies and many perfect islamic scalar books. I am not going to take any responsibility of your wrong pronunciation on akeyrath. I have tried to mention how much possible correctly the major doa’s which are essential for everyday life. Remember where (,) comma is given you can stop over there and where (.) is given you must stop. Where -(1 alif extend)- is written there you have to extend 2 harkath. There are lot of things like oazib gunnah, ezhar, akfa etc. which I couldn’t mention in my pronounciation which you have to understand by yourself. Please try to learn the basic things to read Al-quran, if you buy Al-quran with meaning usually most of them explain the basic knowledge at the index, you can also find easily most of the surah’s I have given below from the index. The best is try to get tuition from a person who knows about all the pronunciation of Al-quran. I can’t write in Arabic through keyboard because it is really a problem to write in Arabic through keyboard and also lot of people doesn’t know Arabic, they can’t understand what I have written. I tried my best to not to do any mistake. It is my small effort towards Islam, I hope Allah will understand and forgive me. Pray for me to Allah to forgive my all mistakes. First of all believe from heart, not in saying true believe from heart that  I am admitting that Allah is the only god and Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is his Nabi and Rasul. Most of the people believe in it but don’t realize from heart. If you realize from heart then try to obey everything what Allah said and try to stop your hindu and christen brothers from scalding Allah everyday. If you believe in Allah then you love Allah more then your parents. If some one scald your parents what you will do? You might beat him or try to do what ever possible but your christen and hindu bother is scalding Allah every day by saying that Allah have children’s and there are other God like Allah astagfirulla-(1 alif extend)-h which is impossible but you are doing nothing. Allah is one and unique it is impossible to be someone like him, everything is created by Allah, nothing can’t be like him. If you manufacture a car you don’t need to be like it to understand how it works because you have already created a manual to understand its working, incase of Allah he is supreme and he have knowledge over everything. If there were existence of more then one God astagfirulla-(1 alif extend)-h then they would have fight for supremacy and destroy each other and everything around. At list try to make your christen and hindu bother understand in common terms that there is no one like Allah, he is supreme and most merciful and Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is his messenger Nabi and Rasul, even in all major religious scripture mentioned about Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam several times and mentioned to follow his guidance. Dr Jakir Nayak one of the greatest Muslim scalar have highlighted about Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in other non muslim religious scriptures and the mistakes done in non muslim religious scriptures in his videos, to know more visit Try to find out the truth and realise it because you are a human being and you have senses to differentiate, try to do it before its too late, after death no one can help you except Allah and your good amal and good deeds in the way of Islam.

A muslim must give zakath, keep fasting or siam, do hazz if he or she fulfill the condition of hazz and take five time salalth, Zumma salath, Tarabi salath and Eid salath and also a muslim should take salath on special days like Sobay kodor, Ashura which have lot of fazilath in it. Salath is compulsory for a muslim. Five time salath are Fazar salath, Zohor salath, Asar salath, Magrib salath and Esha salath. Fazar salath is 4 rakath, 2 rakath sunnath and then 2 rakath faraz. Zohor salath is 10 rakath, 4 rakath sunnath then 4 rakath faraz and then 2 rakath sunnath. Asar salath is 8 rakath, 4 rakath sunnath then 4 rakath faraz. Magrib salath is 5 rakath, 3 rakath faraz and then 2 rakath sunnath. Esha salath is 13 rakath 4 rakath sunnath then 4 rakath faraz then 2 rakath sunnath and then 3 rakath bether. Zumma salath is 10 rakath 4 rakath sunnath which is kablal zumma then 2 rakath faraz zumma then 4 rakath sunnath which is badal zumma, you have to do niath by pronunciation the name of zumma salath. Tarabi salath is upto 8 rakath to 20 rakath,you have to take minimum 8 rakath, you have to take this salath in 2-2 rakath, tarabi salath is sunnatay mohakada,so you have do niath of sunnath salath, after every 4 rakath of salath you have to pray to Allah for forgiveness. All Faraz salath and some of the sunnath salath are compulsory. Compulsory sunnat salath are 2 rakath sunnat salath of Fazar salath, first 4 rakath sunnath salath before zohor faraz salath and also 2 rakath sunnath after faraz salath. (It is mention in hadis if any one take first 4 rakath sunnath salath before zohor faraz salath and also take 4 rakath sunnat after faraz salath then zahannam will be haram for him or her In Shaa Allah). In Asar salath it is better to take minimum 2 rakath sunnath before faraz salath there is lot fazilath in it, In Magrib salath 2 rakath sunnath salath is compulsory after faraz salath. In Esha salath 2 rakath sunnath and 3 rakath bether are compulsory after 4 rakath faraz salath. When you take any faraz or sunnath or nafal salath then you can do niath like this “I am taking two or four or three rakath of (name of the salath) faraz or sunnath or nafal salath facing toward kibla”. After niath at the starting of salath you have to say a doa. “I cant write in arabic please see Sahi Hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”. It is better to take sunnat and nafal salath more because in akerath while hisab if you left away any faraz salath then Allah will ask to angle’s that see if he or she have any nafal salath. You have to read surah Fatiha at the starting of every rakath of every salath, surah Fatiha is the first surah of Al-quran, with surah Fatiha you have to read any other surah from Al-quran, I have mentioned some big and small surah below from Al-quran, the surah you have to take after surah Fatiha must be from Al-quran.

Procedure for taking important nafal salath :

Assalamu alikum, 

* How are you? Hope so well by the grace of All-mighty Allah. * Tahazud salath is in two-two rakath total four rakath is very effective, in Tahazud salath after Surah fatiha you can take Surah Eklas three times.* When ever Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam stand for Tahazud salath at that time he use to read a doa, * Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam use to say “ Oh Allah ! All the praise belongs to you, you are the provider of everything between heaven and the earth and all the authority in-between this is yours, all the praise belongs to you, you are the light of heaven and the earth, all the praise belongs to you, you are the owner of heaven and the earth, all the praise belongs to you. You are the only truth, your commitment is true, meeting with you is truth, your saying are true, Jannath is true, Prophets are true, Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is true, Kiamath (Judgment day) is true, Oh Allah! I give up everything upon you, I get my Iman upon you, I leave everything upon you, I bow towards you, I put my self against your enemy for your satisfaction, I take you as the only Judge, That’s why please forgive my all known and unknown sins, you are the owner of past and the future, you are the only true God. (“Bukhari 1st part 19/1 Tahazzud chapter”) * Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam use to be in Sezda for long time in Tahazud salath. *After entering the mosque before seating you must take two rakath Daknul Maszid salath. * Before every waqth salath after doing Ozu in true remembrance of Allah if any one take two rakath Taihatul ozu salath, In Shaa Allah it will help to forgive his or her sins. * Beside after fazar prayer if some one read Quran, do zikir and after ten minute of sun rise take two-two four rakath of eshrak sunnath prayer then he or she gets similar nakhi of a kabul hazz and an omrah. *Whenever you take this nafal prayer minimum once in a week pray for me. * I also pray for you that In Shaa Allah Allah solve your all problems in dunia and akerath. * You can distribute and share this salath procedure with your relatives, friends and family members. * Doing this Allah will increase your nakhi In Shaa Allah.Thank you.
Some important doa’s for everyday practice:

Following two ayath are very special ayath sobhanallah, if you practice you will understand In Shaa Allah:

Last ayath of Surah Tawba:

 See Al-Quran

Fazilath: Practicing this ayath regularly at the morning time atlist minimum 7 time In Shaa Allah helps you to be one of the favorite person to Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

Last ayath of Surah Hashar: Before practicing this ayath read three times “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”

See Al-Quran

Fazilath: If any one read above ayath every day morning In Shaa Allah regularly then 70 thousand angles In Shaa Allah will protect and pray for him upto night, if any one practice at the night In Shaa Allah regularly then 70 thousand angles In Shaa Allah will protect and pray for him upto morning. In Shaa Allah he or she will get lot of facilities for practicing above ayath.

Very essential doa’s for taking salath and everyday life:

Niath for doing ozu: You must say Bismill-ahir rahma-nir rahiem before starting ozu or otherwise ozu will not be granted, then you can do niath like this “I am taking ozu for purifying myself and for preparing myself for salath.” Actually ozu doesn’t have any niath but you have to say Bismill-ahir rahma-nir rahiem atfirst, after completing ozu you must say a doa “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam"

Tashahud : (You must read this doa when you seat while taking salath) 
I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Bukhari Sharif Salath chapter.

Darud-e-Ibrahim: (After tashahud you have to read Darud-e-Ibrahim)
I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Bukhari Sharif Salath chapter.

After Daurud-e-Ibrahim you have to read:
I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Bukhari Sharif Salath chapter.

Doa kunuth (Doa which we take after Esha salath at the end rakath of bether salath):
I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Bukhari Sharif Salath chapter.

Doa in ruku : Three times “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”, Another doa you can take with this doa “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”. Doa after getting up from ruku“ “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam” See Bukhari Sharif Salath chapter.

Doa in shezda : Three times “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”, Another doa you can take with this doa “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam” Doa in between two sheda “ “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”

Doa before going to toilet: “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”

Doa before taking shower: “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”

Doa for starting siam or fasting: “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”

Doa for iftari or finishing siam or fasting: “I cant write in arabic please see hadith of Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam”

First and last ayath of Surah Bakharah: (See Al-quran)

Fazilath: If anyone read above ayath everyday then he or she will achieve all type of prosperity In Shaa Allah. After reading this if any one pray to Allah, In Shaa Allah Allah will give what he or she is praying for. If any one do this amal then he or she will never be poor In Shaa Allah, all type of problems will be away from him In Shaa Allah and his good desire will be fulfilled In Shaa Allah.

Aital kursi Fazilath: Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,” If any one read Aital Kurshi after every waqth faraz salath then distance between him or her and zannath is death, meaning In Shaa Allah after death he or she will get zannath”  

Aital kursi surah: See Al-quran.

This are my favorite important doa’s, I hope you like this doa’s. If there is any mistake in this doa’s then I am asking for forgiveness to you and Allah. I hope you and Allah will forgive me In Shaa Allah. Thank you.

Some special Salath:

When you take any nafal salath then you can do niath like this “I am taking two or four rakath of (name of the salath) nafal salath facing toward kibla.” It is better to take nafal salath at home because by following you your children and wife will practice. If you start any nafal salath then you should continue practicing it everyday then you can be a favorite mumin to Allah. It is better to take nafal salath more because in akerath while hisab if you left away any faraz salath then Allah will ask to angle’s that see if he or she have any nafal salath.

Taihatul ozu salath: Before every waqth salath after doing Ozu in true remembrance of Allah if any one take two rakath Taihatul ozu salath, In Shaa Allah it will help to forgive his or her sins. After surah fatiha with any other surah you can take this salath.

Dakhnul mashzid salath: After entering the mosque before seating you must take two rakath Daknul Maszid salath. After surah fatiha with any other surah you can take this salath.

Eid Salath: On two Eid days you have to take Eid Salath. One eid is Eid ul Fitar and another eid is Eid ul Azha. In Eid ul Azha you have to slaughter animals which are made halal to slaughter like cow,goat, camel etc. You have to give fetra to poor people in eid so that poor people can enjoy this day. You have to clear your fetra before starting eid salath or other wise you will have gunah. You should attend qudba before eid salath, in qudba lot of important thing are mentioned regarding eid. Eid salath are two rakath. A man should take salath in a zamath with 12 takbir there are lot fazilath in it but a woman can take salath at home or zamath. After doing niath like this “I am taking two rakath of Eid ul Azha or Eid ul Fitar oazib salath behind emam with 12 takbir facing towards kibla” you have to get you hand together as you do in salath, while imam say Allahu akbar you have to get your hand up upto your ear and then keep your hand down in hanging condition like this you have to do 6 times after doing like this 6 times in 6th takbir you have to get your hand together again. In second rakath of salath instead of going to ruku you have to do same like you have done in first rakath with imam upto 6th takbir and in 7th takbir you have to go to ruku and shezda. After completing salath do mosfa and hug everyone forgetting all the previous quarrel.

Eshrak Salath: After fazar prayer if some one read Quran, do zikir and after ten minute of sun rise take two-two four rakath of eshrak sunnath prayer then he or she gets similar nakhi of a kabul hazz and an omrah In Shaa Allah, in each rakath you have to read surah fatiha once and surak ekhlas thrice.

Chasth Salath: This salath is after eshrak prayer to 11 am, this salath is from 4 to 8 rakath, after surah fatiha you have to take any other surah. This salath is very special salath. The person who take this salath everyday In Shaa Allah he or she will not be poor in their life and everyday their condition will improve and their all type of sins will be forgiven and a golden house will be build in zannath for him or her. After completing this salath read Aytal kurshi once, kulillahumma thrice, Amanar rasulu once and Darud 21 times.

Surah Alam Nashrah: See Al-quran

Surah Nas: See Al-quran

Ashurah: Firsth month of Arabic year is mohorom. 10th nigh of moon of Mohorom month is Ashura. The person who keep fasting or siam on 9th and 10th of Ashura or 10th and 11th of Ashura, take salath and give zakath on this days then he or she will get soab of fasting and taking salath for one year In Shaa Allah, all the doors of zannath will be open for him or her In Shaa Allah (It is mentioned about two days because Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam use to take salath and siam on two days and it is different from iudhi and christen.). On this day if any one take 4 rakath salath doing niath after surah fatiha, read surah ekhlas 50 times then In Shaa Allah his or her all type of sin will be forgiven. 10th day of Mohorom month is so important because according to Hadis Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam once visited iudhi’s and heard that they take salath and keep siam in Ashura day because Hazrath Musa Alihay wa sallam use to take salath and keep fasting or siam in this day as because he defeated Faroun and his followers in this day, then Hazath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said as Musa Alihay wa sallam use to take salath and keep fasting or siam in this day then I shall also take salath and keep fasting or siam in this day but to differentiate from iudhi’s I shall do it for two days.
Ashurah salath: You have to take this salath on 9th night and 10th night of mohorom arabic month. On first four rakath salath, on each rakath you have to read after surah Fatiha, surah Ekhlas thrice then In Shaa Allah your grave will be lighted upto keymath. In another 4 rakath salath you have to read on each rakath surah Ekhlas 50 times then your sins will be forgiven In Shaa Allah.

Sobey Kodor Salath: Any odd last days of Ramadan month like 21,23,25,27,29th can be sobay kodor. 20,22,24,26,28th night you have to take sobay kodor salath. If any one take this salath then Allah will forgive his or her all sins and bulid thousand of balakhana in zannath for him or her In Shaa Allah. In first two rakath you have to take salath for ozu and then two rakath nafal salath on each rakath after surah Fatiha, surah Kodor once, surah Ekhlas thrice, then after that in 2- 2 four rakath salath on each rakath after surah fatiha surah Kodor thrice and surah Ekhlas 27 times, and then after that in 2- 2 four rakath salath on each rakath after surah Fatiha surah Kodor thrice and surah Ekhlas 50 times.

Surah Kodor:  See Al-Quran.

Who is in great loss:

*Shirk is the greatest sin for a human being. *Shirk is when anyone or anything is compared with Allah, *praying to anyone or anything except Allah, *expecting something from anyone or anything except Allah, *fearing anyone or anything except Allah, *depending on anyone or anything except Allah, *asking for concern to anyone or anything except Allah, *praying or asking for help to anyone or anything except Allah or asking anyone or anything to solve any problem except Allah, *excepting idea’s or decision from anyone or anything by disbelieving Allah, asking for sariath hadit to anyone or anything except Allah,*slaughtering animal or doing anything in the name of anyone or anything instead of Allah, *loving anyone or anything as much as Allah all this are shirk. *So which talk, work and trust are kept in the name of Allah those all or anyone is done in the name of anyone or anything else instead of Allah is known as shirk. *The greatest sin in this world is doing shirk. *Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said the greatest three sin in this world are: *doing shirk with Allah, *not listening to parents and *giving false statement. (Bukharie-1/362 page, Hadith:2664 “Shadat” chapter muslim 1/64 page, Hadith:/ 255, “Iman chapter” big sin column). *According to Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam Allah said ” Son of Adam if you bring sin full of earth but come without shirk then I am going to forgive that sin full of earth. “(Tirmizie,mishkath ha:/2336, bengali mishkath 5th chapter ha:/2228 “asking forgiveness and tawba chapter”), *using silver bangles or using eight alloy ring is shirk. *Using brass neck less on the cattle neck or using white kari in the hair to keep away from troubles, *using black bobbin armlet on the hand to keep away evil, *using ear ring so that newborn baby don’t die and using locket for any reason is shirk. *Allah said “If Allah wants to give you any problem then no one can solve it except Allah, *instead if Allah wants to do any welfare of yours then he is the greatest in everything (Surah Anam 17)”. *Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said if any one use tabiz or locket for weakness then that tabiz or locket won’t make it less instead it will increase his or her weakness more. *At the time of death if that tabiz or locket is kept on his or her hand then he or she will never be successful. (Ahmmed ibnu mazah hadies shahie). *Predicting future is shirk, telling future by seeing hand by the help of astrology, *finding out lost things by moving hand or astrology, *predicting future by using parrot are shirk, *Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said the person who take shelter of astrologer and believe in what ever he or she says then he disbelieve on what is written in Al-quran through Hazrath mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. (Ahmmed 2/429 page)”. *Taking barkath from tree, stone, place, any ancient thing or dead person is shirk. *Slaughtering animal in the name of anyone except Allah is shirk. (Muslim, mishkath ha:/4070 translated 5th chapter, ha:/ 3893 haunting and slaughtering chapter.) *Praying in the name of anyone or anything except Allah is shirk.(Bukharie, mishkat, ha:/3427 meaning, 7th chapter ha:/3281). *Asking for shelter to anyone or anything except Allah is shirk, Asking for anything to anyone or anything except Allah is shirk. (Iunus 106-107). *Praying to any grave is also shirk. Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said “If any person with good amal die’s, building mosque on his grave, *drawing or creating monument on his grave is the most worst sin in front of Allah. (Bukharie muslim mishkath ha:/4508). *Magic and anything related to magic is shirk. *Allah said “ Shatian do kufri, they use to teach human being magic”.(Al bakkara 102)”, *predicting anything bad will happen due to something bad happened like flying bird or by seeing anything bad is shirk. *Allah said “Allah have all the keys of anything bad happened to anyone, most of people don’t understand it” (Araf 131) *Asking for rain from stars of the sky is shirk. *Allah said “ Expecting your rizik from stars and denying contribution of Allah is shirk ”(Oakia –82). *For doing any work expecting only to earn in this world is shirk, *Allah said “The person who love only this world and brightness of this world I only give him or her in this world” (hud:15-16).
*Addiction to music and music instrument, Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said “Allah made hard drinks, gambling and every type of music instrument haram. (Baihakki hadies shahie mishkath ha: 4503, Bengali 8th chapter ha:/4304”. *Wearing cloth down the ankles, *Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said “ the person who wear cloth down the ankles he is zahannami (Bukhari, mishkath ha: 4314, Bengali 8th chapter, ha: 4125 shistachar chapter.) *The person who do zinah, “Allah said if unmarried man and woman do zinah then they deserve 100 beating of stick, *if married man and woman do zinah then stone should be thrown on them until they die” *The person who do zinah he or she will be burned in fire until keyamath “ (Bukhari, mishkath 4621,meaning 8th chapter ha:/4416). *Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said “ Zinah of two eyes is seeing zinah, *zinah of ear is listening anything related to zinah, *zinah of mouth is telling bad words related to zinah, *zinah of hand is touching anything related to zinah, *zinah of legs are moving towards zinah, *zinah of mind is expecting anything related to zinah through mind, *hidden place for committing zinah tells about the truth and false of zinah. (Muslim,mishkath ha:/86, “Iman chapter”). *Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said once I went to zahannam there I found most of the women are zahannami because they don’t hide their body properly means don’t wear cloths or hezab according to Islam. *Because of those half naked women lot of religious men went to wrong way and all their sin goes on those women. *Allah said about women “ Don’t get out from house without any reason and don’t wear cloths like zahilie time women.” (Azab:33). *In surah Nur Allah mentioned about great azab for woman because of not moving around in properly dressed according to islam. *Rasul salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: Allah give curse on those women who draw any thing on their body to increase beauty, *cut or shape their eye brows, *shape their teeth to smaller size and try to change natural creation of Allah. (Bukharie,muslim,mishkath ha:4431). *Even you can’t use jell to set you hair. Allah give curse on those women who wear cloths like men and those men who wear cloths like women. (Bukhari,muslim,mishkath ha: 4429). *I pray that Allah do rahmath on you and you can learn something from this messages of Allah, I hope you will share this messages of Allah with your friends and family members.
Thank you.


In the month of jilhazz on certain day going to makka and circulate or do tauf around the Kaba and doing other certain work like running from safa to marwa and other works of Mosdalafa, Mina, Arafath ground and throwing stone to shaitan or evil ,shaving hair etc is Hazz. Hazi means who have done all the customs of hazz and forgiven by Allah on Arafat ground. Before going to Hazz you have to do tauba for all sins, fulfill huq of others (meeting up needs of all the person under you), repay money of others, providing money to own family according to their need’s, if some one’s goad or any thing is with you as amanath giving it back and most important of all is that the money which you are expending for doing hazz should be 100% halal. On the month of Ramadan it is good to do Omra but for whom the hazz is faraz he or she have to do hazz at first. If any one do omra first then hazz is faraz for him or her, so it is better to do hazz atfirst. Omra is only doing tauf around the Kaba, running shafa to marwa and shaving hair.

The person who can bear all the expenses of hazz and can fulfill all the criteria for hazz then hazz is faraz for him or her, it is good to do hazz by own money and best time seem to me after newly marriage because it is really hard to find out time later on. Hazz is like water which washes all the sins of you life. Who’s hazz is kabul or granted by Allah for him Zahannam is haram and Zannath is decided by Allah. When hazz is faraz for some one then with out showing any reason one should go to hazz, hazz increases rizzik In Shahi hadis it is also written that if you do hazz you will be reach and if you travel place you will be healthy. It is good to do faraz hazz as quickly as possible because later on what deceases might get you or some problem might come in your way. There is no trust of death any time it might happen.

On baitullah if some one take salath, siam or roza (keep fasting) and give money to poor or needy people then for 1 naki he or she will get similar 100000 naki. Hazz is a great amal, if any one complete it then he or she will be fresh from all the sins like a new born baby, who is like an angel. The person who did kabul hazz once he or she have done his or her duty In Shaa Allah, who did kabul hazz twice then Allah will repay him or her In Shaa Allah and who did kabul hazz thrice then Allah restrict his or her body from the fire of zahannam. The person who did Kabul hazz he or she In Shaa Allah can recommend 400 person for Zannath. The person who didn’t did the faraz hazz still having ability then he or she will die like iudhi, nasara and at the judgment day kafer will be written on his or her head and he or she will go to Zahannam. One makbul hazz is better compare to anything in this world. It is really sad to say that some people go to hazz every year spending lot of money but don’t help any poor people to go to hazz. It is kind of blindness in islam, for this he or she will be ashamed on judgment day in front of Allah.

Hazrat Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said , the person who did hazz and ziarath my grave then safayath of mine is wazib for him. On the day of keyamath he or she will be neighbor of mine. For one badli hazz (some one’s hazz is done by other person) Allah give zannath to three person. Like 1. The dead person for whom the hazz is done, 2. The person who did the hazz, and 3. The person who is paying for the hazz and it is also written in hadi’s that the person who did hazz for his dead parents he or she will be forgiven from the fire of Zahannam In Shaa Allah and a full hazz is written for his or her parents. After completing hazz it is good to keep away from all the bad or restricted things in Islam or otherwise the true goal of the hazz is not fulfilled. In Shaa Allah Allah give every muslim the ability to do hazz and visiting Madina to do zayarath. Amin.

From 8th jillhazz all the work of the hazz is started. On this day you have to complete you faraz prayer in Haram sharif in front of Kaba then you have to wear ehram and then you have to reach Mina before Zohor salath and after Zohor salath in Mina you have to stay upto next day 9 th of morning Fazar salath and then completing five times salath on Kayaf mosque, then you have to move towards Arafat ground. After reaching Arafath ground you have to take Zohor and Asar salath together in the mosque of Nimra. On this day Imam recite the Qudba. If some one couldn’t reach the mosque then he or she have to take zohor and asar salath on time. On this day you have to read “Labbaiek” full doa, darud and estagfar(tauba) as much as possible from Asar salath to upto sunset in stand up position and also can pray according to their wish. On that day after sunset you have to go to Masdalafa and take magrib and esha salath and also spend your whole night over there in praying, from there you have to pick up small size of 49 stones, stones should be so small that while throwing to saitan it shouldn’t heart anyone. On 10th (next day) after taking fazar salath from Masdalafa before sunrise you have to start towards Mina and after reaching there you have to throw seven stones to saitan on saying “Jamraya akbai Alla-(1 alif extend)-hu akbar”. Later on in this day you have to do korbani (slaughter cow, goat or camel), then shave your hair and live ehram cloth and wear normal dress and then go to Kaba and do zayarat or sayi (tauf around the Kaba) and on that day you have to come back to Mina and stay there. While staying in Mina on 11th and 12th after Zohor prayer on three zumra of three saitan you have to throw seven stones and on 12th before sunset you have to come back to Makka. After that you have to finish you hazz by doing tauf. On 7th jilhazz before starting hazz after zohar prayer in haram sharif you have learn the important things of hazz from Qudba. Foreign hazi’s have to take eid salath over there.

While visiting makka you will find lot of miracles of Allah like Zamzam the most purest water in the world proven by science is coming out non stop and never finishes, Ababil bird is always moving around Kaba guarding it, Some of the pigeons are seating in the Haram with out spoiling it, which is not their habit. If you have good luck you might see Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in your dream in Madina, some of the people say from Makka to Madni the road by which Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam did hizrath under it is full of gold. You will find amazing things in whole Saudi Arab like Hira cave which is really amazing. So it is really a great luck indeed for some one to do Hazz and visit the important things of Saudi Arab. In Shaa Allah Allah may fulfill everyone’s wish. Allah hafiz.


Zakath means to get pure. For purification of goads and money you have to give zakath, it is also for protection and increase of goads and money. The person who have enough goads and money and ablity to give zakath for him or her zakath is faraz. To give away some part of your riches between poor is called zakath. One type of people will make mountain of money and another type of people will die with out food Islam is not agreed with it, zakath and fetra balances social and economical aspect of a society. Because of giving zakath the difference between reach and poor decreases. Now a days the way we give zakath according to our wish that doesn’t help our society that much. A corporation should be created to help poor people in village and different place. A poor person should be helped like this, that he or she can continue with it for his or her whole life, like arranging a small business for him or her. It is hard for a person to arrange money for poor people so we should make corporation, that corporation will collect zakath and distribute between poor peoples. If we can do perfect distribution of zakath according to islam then we can remove poverty from our society. Zakath is accepted by All-might Allah himself as Karze hasana and it have a good feedback. Because of zakath our goad doesn’t get less instead it increases in this world and akarath.

It is good to give zakath in the month of Ramadan. The person who have goads and money but don’t give zakath, in keyamath that goads and money will become deadly snake and bite him circling his or her throat. Seven and half tola gold or 52 and half tola silver (1 tola is equal to 1000 gram) or equal amount of money or same amount of goads counting everyday and after keeping enough money to give back borrowed money taken from any person in-between one year, how much money is left from there two and half percent of hundred percent you have to give zakath. The person who is landlord he also have to give zakath from his or her rent. If some one have money but he or she didn’t give zakath he or she will be guilty and his or her any other prayers will not be granted. Misery and greediness makes people selfish. For this reason other peoples get dishearten. Allah said you give money to poor people, it is my duty to give you back again. Allah test human being by giving riches that how he or she behaves with poor people. Allah said again and again to give zakath. In Al-Quaran it mentioned in eighty two place to take salath and give zakath. The reason why zakath is made faraz because zakath purify all goads and money and it fulfill Allah’s wish. It is said in hadis that goads on which one pay zakath is protected by Allah himself from everything like thieves, fire, water etc. Beggars, poor people, poor travelers, needy student, the person who is unable to give back borrowed money, corporations which collects zakath, person who fights for religion, now modern Islamic Tv channels which spread the words of islam they should be helped by giving zakath. I hope you have understood the importance of zakath, which is one of the most important pillar of Islam. It will be great achievement for me, In Shaa Allah if you implement importance of zakath in you life.


Keeping siam or fasting in the month of ramadan is faraz for every aged men and woman or otherwise he or she will be gunah gar. In this month to keep away from foods, drinks, from meeting with your wife and keeping all the parts of your body safe from all type of sins is called siam or roza. With out knowing the real reason behind the siam, only leaving the food have no use. Keeping all the wants, needs, lies aside and keeping your mind clean and protect from all the bad deeds is siam. By siam your body and mind get fresh and stop you from your great enemy saitan or evil. By siam human soul get clean. Without any reason if any one break his or her siam then he or she have to give kaffara or keep 60 siam for one siam. The person who keeps siam on time get unlimited soab. For other amal soab is given by angle, for siam soab is given by Allah himself. Ramadan is the half way to get Allah. For the person who keep siam for him two times are special, one is the time of iftar and another is meeting with Allah at the judgment day. The person who treats a rozadar (a person who keep siam) then Allah forgive him or her and same soab of rozadar is written in his or her amalnama and at the day judgment he or she will be treated by the water of hausay kawsar. The smell of the rozadar mouth is much more beautiful to Allah then the smell of kastur. It should be mentioned that there is no way you can live any faraz siam.

Except faraz siam there are many nafal siam. There are five days when you can’t keep siam means siam is restricted for you. This are two days of Idul Fitar and three days of Idul Azah means 11, 12,13 jilhazz. For nafal siam you will get lot of soab. Nafal roza like aieaym biz roza every moon night of 13,14,15 th, you will get lot soad for this siam of three days. Like every thing have zakath for human body siam is the zakath. Hazrath Mohammad salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said keep siam on monday because monday is my birthday, I got nabuath on monday, I went to meraz on monday, I did hizrath on monday and on monday is my ofath. Keeping roza on friday have lots of fazilath. I hope you have understood the importance of Ramadan, which is one of the most important pillar of Islam. It will be a great achievement for me, In Shaa Allah if you implement importance of ramadan in you life.
(iii) Daily medicine: Honey, mushroom, kaligira are daily medicine. Procedure to eat mushroom & kaligira: Take 100gm of dry mushroom and 25gm of kaligira, first heat your mushroom and kaligira on sunlight or oven, when it become dry then smash it or blend it in blender, then mix kaligira and mushroom together and keep it in a box, give one spoon regularly while making tea In Shaa Allah you will be away from all the diseases. For cold and body pain you can mix up nim oil with mastered oil and heat it and then use it on your body.(I have some reliable source from where you can collect honey and mushroom, BASA honey phone no:(008802) 9862464, (0088) 01719181129, email:, Hera mushroom phone no:(008802) 8331345, (0088) 01922029299, email:
(iv) Tips related to Marketing:
1(a) Think positive:
1. Today is going to be a great day.
2. I can handle more then I think I can.
3. Things don’t get better by worrying about them.
4. I can be satisfied if I try to do my best.
5. There is always something to be happy about.
6. I am going to make someone happy today.
7. It is not good to be down.
8. Life is great make the most of it.
9. Be an optimist.
1(b) Eighteen following believes for sales:
1. Product doesn’t matter.
2. It is not a bum territory; it’s a bum in the territory.
3. Price of the product doesn’t matter.
4. You are your own boss don’t cheat your boss.
5. System works everywhere.
6. Attitude is the backbone of our business.
7. A territory is not worked until it is worked by me.
8. Excuses are all stinks they make you looser.
9. Never prejudge.
10. Think big.
11. Time is money (wasting time is wasting money).
12. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you get there.
13. P.M.A=O.P.M (Positive mental attitude=other people money)
14. I don’t care what ever people say I am going to have a juicy day.
15. You give me fish I eat today, you teach me how to fish I eat everyday.
16. I love committing mistakes I hate repeating them.
17. I can do it if any one else can.

1(c) Believe in yourself:

1. If you think you are beaten; you are
2. If you think you are dare not; you don’t
3. If you would like to win; but think you can’t, it’s almost a cinch you wont.
4. If you think you will loose, you are lost;
5. We usually find in the history— success begins with a fellows will;
6. Its all in a state of mind;
7. Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man; but sooner or later the man who wins, is the one who thinks he can.
1(d)(i) A good merchandiser:
1. Is always on time morning and evening.
2. Is properly dressed-neat & clean.
3. Is always excited-great attitude.
4. Never give excuse.
5. Take care of merchandise and money.
6. Involved in the activities (impact, meeting, contest.)
7. Take responsibilities (helps others positively).
8. Always works extra mile.
9. Always believe and follow the system.
10. Always get the job done.
1(d)(ii) Ten quality of Merchandiser:
1. Consistence of record in attendance.
2. Always positive attitude.
3. Sales performance in the field.
4. Proper understanding of the business in term of the system.
5. Genuine leadership skill.
6. Communication.
7. Involvement.
8. Initiative.
9. Helping attitude.
10.Self management capability.
1(d)(iii) Four factor of Merchandising
1. Indifferent attitude: No pressure attitude, Act opposite of salesman. Not caring about the sales, Be indifferent to outcome of the deal, Be yourself, related to people.

2. Fear of loss: Take the product away from customer hand, Make him feel he is losing the deal, Make him feel the deal is today now or never.

3. Sense of urgency: Be in a hurry, No time to waste, No time to negotiate(bargaining) (I Gotta go!!) remember time is money! More time=more people=more sales=more money;

4. Greed factors: Everyone wants what everyone has use references, visiting cards, cash and receipt books to help the customer take a decision, Stress on the deal market price before our price.

L.O.A : Law of average, making 10 calls means 1 prospective customer, meet more people get better result.

1(e) Eight steps to presentation:

1. Introduction: Smile, Eye to eye contact, show enthusiasm, firm handshake.(Sir I can take some time of yours)

2. Short story: KISS principle (keep in short and simple) purpose of visit (Sir I have an excellent promotional offer for you from …).

3. Presentation: Show marks (You don’t have to take sir please look the product for a while, put the product in the customer hand (sense of ownership).

4. Price: Stress the deal, first retail price, then our price, give ideas (You won’t gone get it from any where less then this and it is the last offer).

5. Closing: Assume the deal ask positive questions.

6. Rehash: Sell more and double your cash (Sir you can take it as a gift for someone.)

7. Law of average: The more people you meet more are the chances of sell.
PMA=OPM: Positive mental attitude=Other peoples money

8. Great attitude: The most powerful weapon for an entrepreneurs.The positive mental approach towards anything and the unbelievable ability of changing.

Always laugh even someone scald you, keep all the burdens away from your head you are the happiest person of this world, thinking of your problems will increase problems.

1(e) Eight steps to unlimited success:

1. Have a great attitude.
2. Be on time.
3. Be prepared.
4. Work a full 8 hours.
5. Work the territory or the work you have given correctly.
6. Protect your attitude. (Don’t get angry very easily)
7. Know why you are here and what you are doing. 8. Take control.

1(f) Five phases of business:

1. Merchandiser: Self management, Attendance, Sales management, D.M.A.
2. Team leader/ Trainer: Team management quality, multiplication.
3. Assistant manager: Office management, psychology of business.
4. Management/ owner: Managing your office, creating new managers, expanding your organization.
5. Vice president: Managing your organization.

Phase 1: Merchandiser

1. Develop a positive attitude.
2. Show responsibility. -- Yourself. -- Merchandise
3. Learn 5 & 8 steps of merchandising.
4. Communication skills
5. Profitability.
6. Self motivation.

Phase 2: Trainer

1. Goal is to duplicate yourself.
2. Build strong relationship.
3. Impact warehouse & Settle ups.
4. Run road trips. (Min 3 trainers on crew).
5. Develop leadership & communication skills, team management skills.

Phase 3: Assistant manager

1. Learn accounting procedure
2. Inner office duties: --Interviews. --Final evaluations. --Inventory control.
3. Run morning/New persons meeting.

Phase 4: Owner or Manager

1. Open your own office.
2. Save money for your future.
3. Expand promote other.
4. Offices and earn overrides Key is to develop others and help them grow to your skill and confidence level.
(v) Tips for facing an interview to get a job:
Confirming the schedule of interview: Before the meeting of interview make sure about the date, place and time of the interview. Following that arrive to the destination of the interview few minutes before, you shouldn’t be late for any reason. Start the preparation of the interview by pronunciation of the company name properly, after that try to find out details about the company- where it is situated?, where is it main branch of the organization?, where is its industry situated?, what type of work goes on overhear?, improvement is in what condition and how much the company have chances to take the market in future. On market you can find out many books regarding different type of organisation, one of the easy way to find out about an organization is using google search engine, you can give the topics for search and find out easily what you want to see, web address You can usually get details about the company on its yearly publication brow shier, website, visiting as a customer, visiting as a student developing a project.
Dress code for getting success in interview: Most of the success of the interview depends on the dress code of the candidate and outlook of the candidate. The person who is taking interview on the first site what he is thinking about the candidate that continues up to the end of the interview. If the starting of the interview is not good then other part of the interview gets harder. That’s why select the dress code for the interview by judging the type of the organization. If you have confusion then where something protective and presentable.
Keep yourself in delighted mood: Try to follow the way of talking of the interviewer and try to be smart on replying them, try to reply in english but if you can’t express then it is better to keep in own language if they understand. Try to keep eye-to-eye contact with the interviewer. Seat properly, don’t seat on bend condition, don’t keep your hands and legs here and there. Don’t move yourself without any reason. Be always in delighted mood. If you get chance to handshake with the interviewer then it should be polite.

Be tactful on picking up the words:
Try to answer the question in short, try to give that much of answer by considering which the interviewer can utilize you. Don’t take the shelter of false, what every you say it should be true. Don’t tell anything bad about your past and present organization. If you tell anything bad then they will think negative about you. Don’t use ‘Ah’, ‘Uh’, ‘Aa’ type of words in your speech and also stop repeating the same type of words. Try to give speech in correct pronunciation with perfection. Tell that much about you self which relates to the current condition. By telling yes or no you can answer many questions. On first meeting don’t ask about salary, bonus and other facilities. If they ask about your expected salary then reply them about your salary depending on your work, your ability and your past salary.

Some sample question and answer asked in an interview:

Q. Tell something about yourself?

Ans. Instead of telling personal thing try to highlight on your specialization, capability and experience. Don’t say anything irrelevant; tell about the summary of your life or some great achievement in your life.

Q. How much you know about our company?

Ans. Try to tell about the history of the company, reputation of the company, current condition of the company, structure of the company, how the company works, employee structure of the company, what type of product the company sells express it with mixing up your feeling for the company, try to express how you can be useful to improve the current condition and maintain the quality in the market for the company.

Q. Why you want to work for our company?

Ans. Try to answer with full confidence. By mistake don’t tell about you expectation for higher salary or less work, try to express how much you can be helpful to achieve the goal of the company.

Q. Why you should get this job?

Ans. Answer of this question should be very relevant. Base of the answer of this question will be your knowledge, experience, ability and specialization. This is the perfect time to express yourself with full confidence.

Q. Why you like this profession?

Ans. Logic for the answer of this question should be positive. For any reason if you want to change your profession then try to find out proper answer in favor of it.

Q. For how many days you want to work for our company?

Ans. Until unless it seems to me that I can give something to the company and achieve something from it and get improvement I shall be with this company. If you have any plan to live the company for any reason for study or living country don’t mention anything about it in front of the interviewer.

Q. Why you left your previous or present job?

Ans. Don’t tell anything negative about your present or previous job but instead try to mention how much important the expected job is for you.

Q. Why you are searching for a new job?

Ans. Try to tell something, which get similar with your expected job. Expected answer can be I am searching for something where I can give my full effort and learn something new.

Q. What seems you a perfect job should be according to your judgment?

Ans. Think twice where you came to give interview, description of the perfect job should be depending on that. You can say in my viewpoint a perfect job is where I can learn something new and express my ability and where I have a good carrier and where I have good coworker or subordinate to work with and most important of all where I can get my expected salary. At the end add it that what ever I expect from an organization all the attributes are there in this job.

Q. Where you want to see yourself after five years from now?

Ans. Tell something about your future plan but it should be relevant and regarding your expected job. If you have any great plan or something special you can serve to the company try to express that but it should be on limit of your authority and also say that how you can materialize your dream.

Q. If something is asked to your coworker from your previous organization
regarding your good attributes what he will answer?

Ans. Usually it is asked to that person about whom you have given reference in the CV regarding your past experience, inform him to tell about your three good attributes but those attributes should be relevant with your expected job.

Q. If something is asked to your coworker from your previous organization regarding your weakness then what he will answer?

Ans. In this situation if anything he tells about your weakness then try to make it positive towards you. Give a practical example which express that how you get away from that situation and make it clear.

Q. You can take the pressure of job and maintain time table of job?

Ans. Try to give positive answer. Give example from the past and make your answer much more positive.

Q. How you work everyday?

Ans. Try to highlight on your everyday good works, don’t forget to tell about your achievements.

Q. Tell about your great achievement in you working life? How you achieve it?

Ans. Tell about a great achievement which got similarity with your expected job.

Q. Tell about a great failure in your life?

Ans. Tell about a failure in your life which you made correct later on.

Q. What are the reason that improves your initiative towards work?

Ans. Improvement in the post, learning new things, and good communication with
the coworkers.

Q. Outside of
job what are the works you are interested in?

Ans. Tell about your hobbies and other interest. By this answer it can be understood how much you can mix with other or you are self centered, in future you can a good leader or not.

That’s all. Question might be asked in different pattern in an interview, sometime some of the answer I have give can be useful for other questions you have to be very tactful in answering the questions of the interview. In written exam you will find question relates to your post of application for job. Saifur’s produce a good guide for MBA admission for Dhaka university that guide is good for getting preparation for written exam. Saifur’s phone no: (008802) 8628624, (008802) 9677277 (Panthapath) (0088) 01720128465, (0088) 01915801639 (Nilket). After getting job try to maintain the timing, try to reach on time, at the end of the day if your work is not finish try to do extra time, more you get devoted towards your work and love it more value of yours will increase and soon In Shaa Allah you will get useto your job.

CIP digital has produce lot of video learning CD’s related to English and IT you can contact with them to buy CD’s and practice at home, their phone no is: (0088) 01726052749, (0088) 01552401305, Email: (It is easier to get for person who is in Bangladesh, you can get it on less price by a good bargaining.)

(vi) Some office relaxation techniques, breathing exercise, meditation for good health & great personality:

Office Relaxation Techniques:
As you become more experienced with how the body relaxes, some quick methods of relaxation may be useful. This exercise describes several "quick-release" techniques which can be done almost anywhere. But first, here are some pointers that apply to all the exercises that follow:

*Get as comfortable as possible. Some of these exercises can be done while waiting in the doctor's office or at some other time when there is nothing to do but wait. It is not necessary to lie down to do them.

*Remain passive. Just watch your mind work. Whatever thoughts come to mind are okay. Do not work at it, just let it happen.

*Take note of all sounds in the environment and let them pass.

*Focus inward on breathing as a natural, easy process.

Whole Body Tension:
Tense everything in your whole body; stay with that tension, and hold it as long as you can without feeling pain. Slowly release the tension and very gradually feel it leave your body. Repeat three times.

Visual Imagery:
Open your imagination and focus on your breathing. As your breathing becomes calm and regular, imagine that the air comes to you as a cloud - it fills you and goes out. You may imagine the cloud to be a particular color.

Eye Fixation:
With your head level and your body relaxed, pick a spot to focus on (eyes are open at this point). When ready, count five breaths backward. With each breath allow your eyes to close gradually. When you get to number one, your eyes will be closed. Focus on the feelings of relaxation.

Counting Ten Breaths Backwards:
Allow yourself to feel passive and indifferent, counting each breath slowly from ten to one. With each count, allow yourself to feel heavier and more relaxed. With each exhale, allow the tension to leave your body.

Shoulder Shrug:
Try to raise your shoulders up to your eyes. Hold for the count of four. Now drop your shoulders back to a normal position. Repeat three times.

Shoulder Rotation:
Rotate your shoulders back, down and around, first one way, then the other. Do one shoulder, then the other. Now do both at the same time. Note: This is also good for back, arms, and neck.

Falling Still Meditation:
Find a quiet place to sit or lie down, close your eyes and visualize yourself in a beautiful safe place. Call upon the highest and best from the Heavenly Realms to envelop you in a protective cocoon of Light, then offer a prayer for protection and of gratitude. Begin long slow, deep breaths, using simple belly breathing. Very consciously watch the movement of the sacred Gift of Life flowing in and out of your body.

Legs up the wall:
Sit sideways very close to a wall; keep your buttocks very close to the wall, roll toward the wall onto your back and extend your legs up the wall. It's comfortable and better for your entire spine and head to be supported, so make a little firm, even pallet for yourself before you take your legs up the wall. Keep your buttocks on the floor/pallet. Rest 5-10 minutes.

Simple neck movements and neck rolls:
Slowly move the head from side to side, back to front; ear toward shoulder; neck rolls: exhale, chin to chest; inhale roll head slowly toward right shoulder and drop head back; exhale come back to center, inhale go to other side. Never roll the head all the way around! Throw in some exhalations sticking your tongue out as you release the breath with a loud sound. Sigh regularly and often.

Be Aware And Be Mindful:
Make awareness a regular part of your daily activity - walking or sitting. As you sit down to eat, be aware of the breath; as you walk in for a meeting, thank the breath for the benefits it bestows upon you in so humble a fashion. Apart from many physical benefits that such exercises have, they will help you transcend into awareness of a deeper hidden consciousness in which you will become aware of the real Self. It invites the descent into our nature of a greater Force and consciousness, which has been longing for us to make contact with it.

Concentration is the magnetic manifestation that re-directs the needle of our mind from the enticing sense nerves to the recess of the Divine cave within. Inadvertently, blissfully unaware, we utilise this power each day. If we would only consciously activate and re-claim our divine birthright, great would be our power and achievement.

Complete breathing exercise:
1. Sit up straight. Exhale.
2. Inhale and, at the same time, relax the belly muscles. Feel as though the belly is filling with air.
3. After filling the belly, keep inhaling. Fill up the middle of your chest. Feel your chest and rib cage expand.
4. Hold the breath in for a moment, then begin to exhale as slowly as possible.
5. As the air is slowly let out, relax your chest and rib cage. Begin to pull your belly in to force out the remaining breath.
6. Close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing.
7. Relax your face and mind.
8. Let everything go.
9. Practice about 5 minutes

Alternate Nostril Breathing- Anuloma Viloma:
Alternate Nostril Breathing is considered the most important of all pranayamas help purify and energize the system. Anuloma-Viloma is also called Nadishuddhi pranayama, because this is not just a pranayama, but also a purification procedure. Nadi means channel and refers to the energy pathways through which prana flows. shuddhi means cleansing. Hence Nadishuddhi means channel cleansing.

1. First assume sukhasana or any other comfortable sitting position, rest your left hand on your left knee.
2. Then take a few breaths in the ratio of 1:2.
3. Then, shut your right nostril with your right thumb.
4. Exhale slowly through your left nostril.
5. Inhale slowly and deeply through your left nostril, keeping your right nostril closed.
6. Then, close your left nostril with the little finger and ring finger of your right hand and exhale through your right nostril.
7. Without stopping, inhale through your right nostril, keeping your left nostril closed.
8. Then exhale through your left nostril, keeping your right nostril closed.
9. This comprises one round of anuloma-viloma.
10. Repeat the process a few times. Inhalation and exhalation should be done very slowly and soundlessly.
This pranayama calms the mind, soothes anxiety and stress, balances left and right hemispheres, promotes clear thinking. It soothes the nerves while strengthening the lungs. In particular, it helps cure coughs and colds, in insomnia, chronic headaches and asthma.


Meditation is a single lesson of awareness, of no-thought, of spontaneity, of being total in your action, alert, aware. It is not a technique, it is a knack. Either you get it or you don't."

Meditation is not concentration. In concentration there is a self concentrating and there is an object being concentrated upon. There is duality. In meditation there is nobody inside and nothing outside. It is not concentration . There is no division between the in and the out. The in goes on flowing into the out, the out goes on flowing into the in. The demarcation, the boundary, the border, no longer exists. The in is out, the out is in; it is a no-dual consciousness.

"Concentration is a dual consciousness; that's why concentration creates tiredness; that's why when you concentrate you feel exhausted. And you cannot concentrate for twenty-four hours, you will have to take holidays to rest. Concentration can never become your nature. Meditation does not tire, meditation does not exhaust you. Meditation can become a twenty-four hour thing - day in, day out, year in, year out. It can become eternity. It is relaxation. Concentration is an act, a willed act. Meditation is a state of no will, a state of inaction. "

Concentration involves a honing in of the attention so that one's entire field of attention is thrown into whatever it is that one is doing. Concentration entails a focusing of energy-the energy that influences all our actions in life.

One has simply dropped into one's own being, and that being is the same as the being of All. In concentration the mind functions out of a conclusion: you are doing something. Concentration comes out of the past. In meditation there is no conclusion behind it. You are not doing anything in particular, you are simply being. It has no past to it, it is pure of all future.

"Meditation is in the present, pure present. Meditation is immediacy. You cannot meditate, you can be in meditation. You cannot be in concentration, but you can concentrate. Concentration is human, meditation is divine."
(vii) Some Bangladeshi newspaper web link:
What you can control in your studies: "Here I study", Get a dedicated space, chair, table, lighting and environment. Avoid your cell phone or telephone, Put up a sign to avoid being disturbed or interrupted, Stick to a routine, efficient study schedule, Accommodate your day/night time energy levels, See our Guide on Setting goals and making a scheduling.
Focus: Before you begin studying, take a few minutes to summarize a few objectives, gather what you will need, and think of a general strategy of accomplishment.
Incentives: Create an incentive if necessary for successfully completing a task, such as calling a friend, a food treat, a walk, etc. For special projects such as term papers, design projects, long book reviews, set up a special incentive.
Change topics: Changing the subject you study every one to two hours for variety, Vary your study activities, Alternate reading with more active learning exercises, If you have a lot of reading, try this method, Ask yourself how you could increase your activity level while studying? Perhaps a group will be best? Creating study questions? Ask your teacher for alternative strategies for learning. The more active your learning, the better.
Take regular, scheduled breaks that fit you: Do something different from what you've been doing (e.g. walk around if you've been sitting and in a different area.)
Rewards: Give yourself a reward when you've completed a task.
Best Practices: Do Today What You Can Do Tomorrow, in simple terms avoid procrastinating. The earlier you start working on your goals, the better you’ll be able to gain focus and concentration. If you leave things too late, you’ll end up being stressed, pressured, and bothered by the ticking deadline. If you work early on the other hand, you’ll be more able to focus and concentrate because there’s nothing else to worry about except to get the job done. Once you do develop the right habits to be able to gain focus and concentration easily then don’t take your ability for granted. Practice, practice, and practice some more! You should notice improvement in a few days.
But like any practice, there will be ups, levels, and downs: It will benefit other activities you do! Be here now Worry time Tally Card Energy level Visualize, Be here now this deceptively simple strategy is probably the most effective.
When you notice your thoughts wandering astray, say to yourself "Be here now" and gently bring your attention back to where you want it. For example: You're studying and your attention strays to all the other homework you have, to a date, to the fact that you're hungry. Say to yourself "Be here now" focus back on subject with questions, summarizing, outlining, mapping, etc and maintain your attention there as long as possible. When it wanders again, repeat "Be here now" and gently bring your attention back, and continue this practice, repeatedly. It will work!
Do not try to keep particular thoughts out of your mind. For example, as you sit there, close your eyes and think about anything you want to for the next three minutes except cookies. Try not to think about cookies... When you try not to think about something, it keeps coming back. ("I'm not going to think about cookies. I'm not going to think about cookies.")
You might do this hundreds of times a week. Gradually, you'll find that the period of time between your straying thoughts gets a little longer every few days. So be patient and keep at it. You'll see some improvement!
Do not constantly judge your progress. Take it easy on yourself. Good practice is enough to say that you did it, and that you are on the road. The mind is always different and the practice unfolds over time with many ups and downs.
Worry or Think Time: Research has proven that people who use a worry time find themselves worrying 35 percent less of the time within four weeks.
Set aside a specific time each day to think about the things that keep entering your mind and interfering with your concentration. When you become aware of a distracting thought, remind yourself that you have a special time to think about them, Let the thought go, perhaps with "Be here now," Keep your appointment to worry or think about those distracting issues. For example, set 4:30 to 5 p.m. as your worry/think time. When your mind is side-tracked into worrying during the day, remind yourself that you have a special time for worrying. Then, let the thought go for the present, and return your focus to your immediate activity.
Tallying your mental wanderings: Have a 3 x 5 inch card handy. Draw two lines dividing the card into three sections. Label them "morning," "afternoon," and "evening." Each time your mind wanders, make a tally in the appropriate section. Keep a card for each day. As your skills build, you'll see the number of tallies decrease.
Maximize your energy level: When is your energy level at its highest? When are your low energy times? Study your most difficult courses at your high energy times. Sharpest early in the evening; Study your most difficult course then. Later in the evening; Work on your easier courses or the ones you enjoy the most.
Most students put off the tough studies until later in the evening when they become tired, and it is more difficult to concentrate. Reverse that. Study hard subjects at peak energy times; easier ones later. This alone can help to improve your concentration.
Visualize: As an exercise before you begin studying, think of those times when concentration is not a problem for you--no matter what situation. Now try to feel or image yourself in that situation. Recapture that experience immediately before your studies by placing yourself in that moment. Repeat before each study session. "Be here now" corresponds to Bhuddist insight strategy.
More helpful tips: Man is endowed with a rare organ called ‘brain’, which is responsible for all his personal and official activities. Your creative talent and reasoning power etc, all depend upon the memory system of your brain. But your memory system is sometimes treacherous. Your children fare badly in the exams and score poor marks. You are failing in job interviews due to your poor memory system. Hence, naturally you are in a dilemma how to overcome your drawbacks and improve your memory system.
The following five tips will certainly be helpful to improve your memory:
Helpful # 1) Play indoor games like chess and carom, which will stimulate the performance of your brain, your thinking and planning capacities and your organizing abilities. Similarly physical exercise is good for your physical and mental health. Walk thrice in a week, at least half an hour a day, which will increase of your power of concentration.
Helpful # 2) Pay attention to minute details when you go to a place or when you meet a person. For example when you meet a person, observe the size and color of his dress, his height, his complexion, the place where you meet him, the door number of the house, the name of the street, its location etc and try to recall them when you go back to your residence. It is a kind of exercise to the brain to enhance the memory power of your brain.
Helpful # 3)In order to keep your brain in good working condition and sharpen it, you have to do some brain exercises time and again, like playing word games, thinking games and above all by doing a most effective exercise called ‘laughter’ which is capable of stimulating the whole body of a human being and refresh your memory system.
Helpful # 4) You should try to indulge in new activities as often as possible and take up your favorite activities like cooking, painting, gardening etc and try to do them in a different way whenever you embark upon these activities.
Helpful # 5) Good memory is about method. You need to constantly work on it with some new techniques. Try to do simple tasks in your day to day life like putting your two wheeler key or a car key at a particular place and do some important memory tasks every day like remembering some key words and codes etc. As far as children are concerned, to improve their memory system, try all the above mentioned ideas in a play way method.
(ix) Tips to be happy:

Ahimsa (Non-Violence): Ahimsa means Non-violence. Always be kind to people, animals and living things. Don’t feel happy by beating them. Never think about violence and never accept it in your mind also.
Satya(Truth): Wherever you go in this universe there is some true and false. Please tell always truth and it will keep your mind fresh and happy. From the truth you will get everything. This universe belongs to truth only. There is lot of power in truth.
Aparigraha: Aparigraha means don’t accept any thing from any body. Don’t accept any thing from others until unless you are in condition of zakath. If you did it you have to live obey to them always. That will keep you out of freedom. You will live always bound by the others.
Brhamcharya (Bachelor ism): Be holy always in any condition. In student life people should away from sex and sexual thoughts. Be holy is the Bachelor ism.

Astaya: Astaya means don’t theft anything from any body. If you theft some thing, your heart fells sorry about you. You feel shy to talk with other people. Then your heart lose freedom.

Happy: Be happy always. Feel happy to help other people. Satisfy with what you had, that will keeps you very happy.
Saucha (Cleaning): There are two types of cleaning. One is internal cleaning and other one is external cleaning. Taking bath with water, soap etc. is called as external cleaning. Holiness in your mind and thinking for good works are called as internal cleaning. Internal cleaning is better one than the external cleaning.
Tapah (Prayer): Reading islamic books and praying to Allah takes your heart and soul near to Allah. Always pray for other people and pray for world peace gets you near to Allah.
Pranayama: Prana means life and ayama means stopping business. You control your breath that is pranayama. If you angry or excited you will take fast breath. If you are sleeping you will take slow breath. Here you observe that in rest your breath is slow and gap between one breath and the other breath is wide. What you must observe here if you increase the gap between breaths you will feel more relief and rest. If gap between the breaths at a perfect way that is called pranayama.
Concentration: Keep your mind on a particular object or subject (anything you like) for some time is called as Concentration. Some people think that concentration is observing breath. May be it is also one of the way to develop concentration.
How to start Concentration? Go to a lonely peaceful place take a sit and just don't think any thing for some time. (preferably half an hour)At the starting of concentration you haven't control your mind and thoughts. So many things will come to your mind when you are not thinking any thing.You will be surprised about your thoughts.Their might be some wild thoughts and some funny thoughts and so many. But good thing is after some days all things previously come to your mind will be disappear.Your mind will be very fresh. Once your mind is fresh what ever comes to your mind will be stable for a while. If any thing you observe, the thing only presents in your mind. This is the starting of Concentration.
Take any object or subject or scenery (anything you like), in to your mind. Then concentrate on that particular thing. You will go deeply on to that particular subject when you are concentrating. This will help you to evaluate the particular subject.
(x) Tips for weight loss:
Analyze and Calculate: The first step towards weight loss is Analysis. One must initially have knowledge of how much overweight they are. And what is the percentage by which they should lose weight. What is the percentage of fat in their bodies? And to what level it should come down to. What is their average calorie intake? And what should the ideal intake be. All this analysis puts things in the right perspective and one raises the first step towards a successful weight loss. There are several “body fat calculators” available which help in this regard. The yardstick that these special calculators use is: body mass index. Another such factor could be body fat percentage. These devices are certain to help you out in your weight loss program.
Have a plan and stick to it! As already stated, weight loss is not achieved by random methods: eating less all of a sudden, a bit of exercise here and there. One must have a well thought-out routine planned out. This would ensure weight loss in no time and before you know it, you would get the prefect shape you had always yearned for!
Get your basics right! Here is a list of few basic things which we all are aware of, but unfortunately, seldom do we stick to them.
Eat whole meal products with unsaturated fatty acids
A) Calorie intake: The body has to burn more calories than its intake. The norm is an intake of about 500 calories a day. Don’t punish your body and starve it for food. Get a bit easy on it. Eat only as much as it wants. Know what is to be eaten and in what quantity. If one has a sweet tooth, they mustn’t quit eating sweets altogether. Instead, they can steadily reduce the intake or go for lesser-calorie alternatives. A good example of this would be sugar-free chocolates.
A sudden decrease in food intake would only weaken your body and you would not feel energetic while performing your daily chores. The metabolic rate in one’s body also tends to decrease in such a situation, and the body starts to store the extra fat. So you see, you would end up getting fatter than you were! So, one must not lower the calorie intake than the figure of 500. Stick to that and see for yourself how good you would feel from within!
B) Frequent, but lighter meals: Another elementary basic for a successful weight loss is to have many meals in a day. What this means is, that instead of having 3 heavy meals in a day, one can opt for say, 6 meals, comparatively lighter in terms of fat and calorie content, and equally nutritious. These can be taken at a gap of about 3 hours each. This way, you would end up eating lesser than you used to do, and also, would not feel lost for energy. The body’s metabolic rate would not decrease and hence no excess fat is produced. This is so, as their will be a constant inflow of calories all day long.
This also helps the digestive process and no food content would be “stuck” inside your body. Most over-weight people have the problem of Constipation. Frequent meals come in very handy in this regard. Also, no bad toxins are inducted into the bloodstream as a result. Another benefit of frequent but lighter meals during weight loss program is that one could refrain themselves from the craving for fatty food.
C) A bit of regular exercise: The prime objective is to burn calories that one has accumulated over the years. One must aim to burn 500 calories each day by means of regular work-out. One can start off with jogging, jump-roping, indulging in a sport, swimming, bicycling, etc. These are conventional methods and have proved very beneficial in weight loss. If you do not happen to find time for these, you can choose to burn calories with cardio exercises. This slows the metabolism in the body and hence produces faster results than most methods.
One of the best methods of ensuring weight loss via exercise is Walking. Seems to be simple doesn’t it? It actually is! What’s even better is the fact that it’s the most effective form of exercise as well! One can always find time for walking for at least half an hour a day. Regular walking regimen would ensure weight loss even without making significant changes to your diet! The best time for walking is before/after breakfast. The body is in its most active state at this hour. It also aids to ward off heart-related problems as well, which are very common in obese and over-weight people. Always remember, fuel your body healthy.
D) Eat healthy: Agreed that this is easier said than done. But you better do it in case you want to lose weight! One can begin with increasing the intake of fruits, salads, vegetables etc. The fast-food culture has severely dented our diet patterns. Of course, once in a while, say once every week, one can indulge into their favorite pizza, burgers, etc. But one should know where to draw the line. Drink fruit juices instead of sodas. When ordering sodas at a restaurant, try and order a small quantity. When ordering fries, order a smaller one. Limit the intake of alcohol. Avoid gulping the food. Don’t be in a hurry. Chew every bite and taste every flavor. By hogging food, one tends to devoid their bodies of a chance to digest the food in an efficient manner and thus, the stomach doesn’t seem to be full even when it actually is! Give your brain that much time to react!
While eating outdoors, one must always prefer starting with a bowl of soup and salad. These are rich in minerals and vitamins, which is not so much the case in fast foods. These minerals are essential for nourishment of one’s body. By doing this, by the time the main course arrives, one starts to feel full and hence does not over eat. Also, these are easier to digest.
E) Water: The soft-drink culture has also led to skip/lessen the consumption of one of the most basic elements that ensure weight loss: Water. One must drink lots of water. This maintains a constant flow of fluids throughout the digestive system e.g., the intestinal tracts etc. This also helps in an indirect manner: The more the consumption of water is, the lesser hungry would you feel. The lesser hungry you feel, the lesser are the chances of eating excess food. Also, water helps the body to flush out the unwanted toxins from the bloodstream.
F) Shop smart! This piece of advice goes out to the homemakers, commonly, the lady of the house. Whilst we all love to shop for our favorite food items, one must refrain from buying those food products in which corn syrups, hydrogenated oil, and fructose are present as ingredients. One should instead opt for low-fat oils, which also go easier on the heart, and aid in its proper functioning. There is a myriad number of sugar free alternatives for every consumable food item in every store, and hence this should not be a problem. Follow the tips and you will see results quickly!
G) Keep track! Maintain a diary, dedicated solely to the purpose of weight loss. Keep a track of your calorie intake, the exercise routine, and its effects on your net weight. Record your weight at the start of each week and compare it with the previous results. Observe the trend. In case it has increased, seek a reason for it.
One should also maintain a regime chart and affix it on the wall. Try and stick to it as religiously as possible. Remember, there is a lot of purpose behind what you are doing. Do not over-relax yourself. Also, do not go completely rash on yourself as well. All in all, be consistent, watch what you eat, keep your mind open, eat healthy, and pave your way to a successful weight-loss and a trouble-free life!
LOTUS (SUKHASANA) Sit in a legs-crossed position with the soles of your feet turned upward and heels pressed against the lower side of your abdomen. Keep your spine straight. Place your hands on your knees, palms up. Hold as long as you wish. This is one of the meditative postures. It imitates an inverted lotus flower. The head is held erect and the eyes closed during this posture. This promotes balance and harmony.
MOUNTAIN POSE (TADASANA) Stand in an erect position with your feet together. Press the feet flat against the floor as if to stretch them. Visualize a string through the spine pulling you upward, lifting the knees, hips and hamstrings. Equally distribute the body weight. Keep your abdomen in and chest high. Your arms may remain at your sides. This is a basic posture of balance and control. It is the foundation for good standing posture.
BALANCE POSTURE (NATARAJASANA) Stand in the mountain pose. Inhale slowly and raise arm overhead. At the same time, lift your left ankle behind you and clasp it with your left hand. Shift your weight to the right side. Exhale and pull the left leg toward your body and lean forward slightly while looking forward. Your right arm will provide balance. Hold for 20 seconds. Slowly release and return to start. Repeat to opposite side. This improves balance, coordination and quadriceps flexibility.

Get into a seated position with legs extended forward. Rest your hands on your thighs and straighten your spine. Raise your arms in front of you to shoulder level. Then proceed to raise them overhead, bending slightly backward. Bend forward to your knees. Grab your knees and hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Your head should be bent forward. Pull your body forward to your knees with the elbows bent outward. Hold for 10 seconds. Return to upright position. Place hands on your thighs and relax. This increases spinal flexibility and strengthens the back.

Lie face down with arms at sides and head resting on either side. Slowly bring your head to center and rest your forehead on the floor. Place your hands underneath your shoulders with your fingertips facing inward. Tilt your head backward and begin raising your trunk. Push your hands against the floor and slowly start straightening your arms. Hold extreme position for 10 seconds. Slowly tilt your head forward and lower your trunk back to start. Relax and concentrate on the feeling in the legs, back and abdomen. This removes tension from the spine and back, strengthens and firms the abdomen and buttocks.

Get into a standing position, arms at sides. Your feet should be approximately six inches apart. Relax your spine. With your palms facing outward, raise your arms until they are in front of your chest, elbows bent. Straighten your arms. Then slowly bring them behind you, keeping them raised high. Interlock your fingers. Concentrate on the stretch in the shoulders and chest. Slowly bend backward. Maintain balance and control. Look upward and hold for 10 seconds. With knees locked, bend forward and bring your arms over your back. Hold for 10 seconds. Return to upright position. Unclasp your hands and concentrate on relaxing the neck, spine and shoulders. This strengthens and tones the muscles of the chest, back and arms. The rib cage expansion aids respiration.

Stand with feet wide apart. Slowly raise arms to sides until they reach shoulder level. Your palms should be facing down. Exhale and bend left until you can bring your left hand to your left knee. Keep your knees locked. Inhale and bring your right arm over as far as possible without bending the elbow. Hold the position for 20 seconds while breathing deeply and concentrating on the stretch. Slowly straighten and return to start. Relax for a moment, and then repeat to opposite side. This trims the waistline, relieves tension in the neck and back.

Stand in the mountain pose. Bend forward. Bring your arms behind your knees and clasp your hands. Be certain to position your hands securely behind your knees and slowly draw your upper torso down as far as comfortable. Your head should be lowered and directed toward your knees. Hold for 10 seconds. Lower hands to calf level. Again draw your body inward. Hold for 10 seconds. Unclasp your hands, inhale deeply and raise your trunk back to start, one vertebra at a time. This tones and firms the thighs and calves. It also improves hamstring flexibility.

Lie on your stomach, arms at sides and chin resting on the floor. Bend your knees, feet together. Reach your arms back and grasp your ankles. Slowly raise your torso while arching your back until the abdomen bears the bodyweight. Tilt your head back and hold for 10 seconds. Slowly lower until chin is resting on the floor. Release your grasp and lower feet to the floor. Lie flat with head turned to one side. Rest and observe the feeling in the pelvic region, back, arms and legs. This shapes and tones hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It strengthens lower back and promotes flexibility in the chest, shoulders, back and arms.

Sit on the floor. Place your right sole against your left thigh. Cross your left foot over the right knee and place the sole of your foot firmly on the floor. Position your left hand before you. Bring your right arm to your left knee and firmly grasp it. Slowly twist your trunk and head to the left. Your left arm will then be placed around your waist and rested on your right side. Keep your chin close to your shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds. Slowly move our of the posture and relax. Change leg position and repeat to other side. This releases tension from the spine and promotes spinal flexibility.

Sit on the back of your heels with your feet close together. Slowly move your arms backward, and then place them securely on the floor behind you. Drop your head backward while inhaling and expanding your rib cage. Arch your spine. Hold extreme position for 15 seconds. Walk hands forward and return to start. Relax for 10 seconds and repeat. This increases flexibility in ankles, feet and spine. It also strengthens the abdomen and lower back.

Get into a seated position. Pull your heels into your groin area and grasp your feet. Keep your spine straight. Slowly lower your knees. Hold extreme position for 10 seconds. This firms the thighs and promotes knee and inner-thigh flexibility.

Lie flat on your back with arms at your sides. Your palms should be facing down. Slowly raise your legs. Use your hands to push against the floor as you lift your trunk. Continue lifting until your legs are lowered beyond your head with your toes touching the ground as near to the head as possible. Once you have moved as far as comfortable, press your chin against your chest. Place your hands on your back with elbows on the ground. Hold for 20 seconds. Slowly unroll back to a lying position. Press your hands against the floor for support of your body weight. This promotes spinal flexibility and deep relaxation of all the muscles. It also improves the functioning of the internal organs by supplying them with extra blood.

Lie flat on your back. Place your hands at your sides, palms down, and begin to raise your legs. Press your hands against the floor to push your legs upward. Place your hands on hips, elbows on the ground. Try to straighten your legs and hold them upward. Your chin should be tucked in against your chest. Close your eyes and relax. Hold for 10 seconds. Bend your knees, release your hands, and slowly return to start, one vertebra at a time. This promotes circulation in chest and neck. It is also said to stimulate the glands, in particular the thyroid.

Lie down, face up, with your legs crossed as in the Lotus posture. Cross arms over and around your head. Let your body weight drop naturally. Do not force the position. Breathe naturally and hold as long you wish. Change leg position and repeat. This loosens shoulders and hip joints and relaxes the body.

Lie on the floor, face down. Rest your chin on the floor and place your hands at your sides. Make a fist with each hand and place them firmly against the floor at approximately thigh level. Raise your left leg slowly while pushing against the floor with your fists. Raise as high as comfortable. Hold for 10 seconds. Lower leg to ground. Relax for sometime. Raise your right leg and follow the same procedure.This strengthens the abdomen, buttocks and lower back.

Lie flat on the floor, face up, with arms at the sides. Lie motionless and observe your breathe. Study the flow of breath and quiet your mind. Feel a relaxing force move slowly up the body. It starts at the toes and moves slowly to the ankles, calves, knees and so on. Visualize a quiet stream of gentle energy removing tension from your body. Roll to your side and sit up and observe the feeling of deep relaxation. This invigorates the body and mind through conscious relaxation.

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